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My sister-in-law was telling me how good she was feeling after being in the Salt Cave [halotherapy]. I was on oxygen at home and didn’t like it, so I decided to give the Salt Cave a try. I’m still doing the cave, but I’m no longer on the oxygen. I’m breathing better and I have more energy. I’m now able to do the work outside. I’m really happy that I don’t have to be on oxygen anymore. My breathing is so much better. I’m so thankful that I gave the Salt Cave a try.”

submitted by: Jean H., Shippensburg, PA

 I had a rattle sound in my chest and a friend of mine suggested the salt cave [halotherapy]. I went for a few weeks and the rattle is gone. I also have issues with my back, so I tried [thermotherapy] and my back is starting to feel a lot better. I’m still going to the [thermotherapy].”

submitted by: Irene M., Chambersburg, PA

The salt cave [halotherapy] has helped my skin. It feels softer. It has helped me relax and sleep better at night. I have even noticed that when I climb the stairs I don’t get out of breath like I used to and I feel better. The [thermotherapy] has helped the pain in my back. I have dealt with chronic pain for many years and when I use the bed, it takes the pain away. I used [thermotherapy] for sore muscles and even bruised ribs.”

submitted by: Judy M., Chambersburg, PA



Quotes from our clients in the July / August 2015 issue of Hagerstown Magazine article “The Healing Power of Salt”

“I was really skeptical and didn’t notice much difference after the first visit, but I went again. After the second visit, I could tell something good was really happening. I was getting all this drainage out and I started to get excited about my visits. This past winter was my best in eight years. I’m off my inhaler and never had a cold or the flu – much less pneumonia. I’m just so happy with my results. Several people from my church are going there now, based on my experience. I wish I could go every day!

submitted by Sheila J., Hagerstown, MD

I was using two inhalers a day for asthmatic allergies. My daughter owns a business and her customers had been telling her about results they were getting at Shâbath. I started with three visits a week. Now I go for maintenance. I’m off my inhalers and I’m the one sending new people!

submitted by Linda N., Chambersburg, PA



Comments from our Facebook page:

The salt cave [halotherapy] is amazing. It has helped me so much. I have been suffering with Lyme disease for quite some time. I have never found anything that gave me relief like this has. I would recommend this to anyone!!!!”

I am so greatful to have a salt cave in my area. I have started treatment for Lyme Disease which has been giving me bad breathing problems and sinus problems and dizziness. My first session made me feel so much better. I’m not near as dizzy as I was. I am not as winded. Before first session al I had to do was move two feet and I could not breathe. I am so amazed by how much better I feel. Today I did my second treatment. I will keep you guys updated on my progress. I will be going Mon – Thurs. Thanks again for all your help.”

submitted by: Brandi L. (at the beginning and further into her protocol)

Love this place!”

submitted by: Violet S.

Awesome session in the Salt Cave [halotherapy]! Just what I needed!”

Had another relaxing time in the salt cave yesterday. I could do this everyday! If any of my family is thinking about Christmas / Birthday gift for me, a Shabath Mineral Wellness gift certificate would be an awesome gift! Thanks Amy and Frank for bringing this to our area. I love it.”

submitted by: Denise A.

1 word …. LOVE !”

submitted by: Sharon B.

Had a very relaxing time with my sister today in your salt cave [halotherapy} and I am still clear of congestion!! We will be back soon. Thanks!”

submitted by: Debbie S.

Today was my first experience in a Himalayan Salt cave [halotherapy]. I went in with extreme sinus pressure and pain. This is a normal occurrence year round, and it’s worse when the allergens outside are abundant. I must say, within 10 minutes of being in the cave, my sinus started tingling. Then about 10 minutes later, my sinus opened up an started draining. I could feel the swelling and inflammation going away. By the end of the 50 minute session, I was pressure and pain free. It is 3 hrs later and I still have a little tingling sensation in my sinus, and it is still totally clear, open, no pressure or pain! I have been taking medicine for days to try to relieve this pain! I will definitely be returning because this worked so well for me!”

submitted by: Joni S.

I really enjoyed relaxing in the peaceful, tranquil cave.”

submitted by: Stacie M.

I highly recommend Shabath Mineral Wellness. So blessed to have a facility like this in the area! We all need to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.”

submitted by: Ada P.

My friend and I had a wonderfully relaxing time yesterday. A very different birthday treat for her 🙂  I felt like I was at the beach!”

submitted by: Wilma B.

So I have to tell you that tonight during prayers, [L****], my older one, prayed and thanked God for “the salt room”. I just had to share because I thought it was sweet 🙂 We really enjoyed it!!”

submitted by: Tamara B.

I can’t explain how much this has helped my 4 year old son and his allergies. He asks to go every day! Do yourself a favor and stop by to check it out!”

submitted by: Kristy B.

Thank you for a great session today. My allergies already feel better after the first time.

submitted by: Crystal E.

Our first visit to The Salt Cave… My sister & I really enjoyed our afternoon, …. Heavenly & relaxing. Looking forward to coming back (all the way from The Eastern Shore of Va). Looking forward to seeing my sisters health improve with her future visits!

submitted by: Jodi S.


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