Infrared Massage Therapy

Our Infrared Massage Therapy bed is a therapeutic acupressure massaging bed built to combine various techniques to provide: massage, acupressure, therapeutic heat, far-infrared rays, and jade effect. It works to strengthen the organs, give energy, and relax the body.

The acupressure massage releases you from the stress caused by intense, active, stressful days. The Jade stones and heat give a full personal massage that penetrate deep within the body. Aches and pains experience relief as you drift away on a sea of relaxation.

Our Infrared Massage bed works with up to 140ºF far-infrared heat and acupressure to improve and strengthen the well-being of a person. The effect of the treatment can actually relax the muscles around the back of the body, while improving blood circulation, stimulate blood flow and tissue response, relieve pain, and release pollutants trapped in the musculature.

Important note to remember regarding detoxification and far infrared heat:  Far infrared heat is dehydrating on the tissues.  Also, the bed’s intense heated massage will start a detoxification process in your body that requires water to flush out toxins that have been trapped in your tissues.  Water is how you can help your body speed up its detoxification and healing process. Also, please dress in clean and comfortable cotton clothing as synthetic fibers cause the body to reabsorb toxins released, thereby being counterproductive.


  • Pregnancy or trying to get pregnant
  • Metallic implants in the spine/scoliosis rods
  • Taking blood thinners for blood clots
  • Severe osteoporosis

Other conditions require a doctor’s approval prior to using Infrared Massage Therapy:

  • Pacemaker or ICD (implanted cardiac device)
  • Hip replacement 
  • Any major surgeries in the last six months