Children and Halotherapy

Have you considered a natural method before starting your children on long-term medication, where the hormone content of many drugs can cause serious and dangerous side-effects?

Nothing Artificial

Salt Therapy is a 100% natural, drug- free treatment.  We use only Kosher, Food Grade Himalayan Salt containing 84 minerals and trace elements.  Our salt is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory in it’s properties.

Health Improvements That Last

As a result of Halotherapy, mast cell response and inflammation within the bronchi may reduce, so the quality and function of breathing improves. This leads to a balancing of other bodily systems, due to an increase of oxygen availability.  Through desensitization of the immune response, acute attacks and the need for medications can substantially decrease, while sleep patterns can improve. This means children will become stronger and more resilient to every day infections leaving them with more energy to play and exercise.


Clinical trials have shown that children react very quickly, effectively and intensively to natural healing methods. The effectiveness of Halotherapy is directly observable and highly recommended for all pediatric respiratory and skin conditions. Studies in Europe have shown that 85- 95% of children have become symptom-free, with noticeable improvement after the first few sessions. This effect has shown to be long-term. Parents noted that after 10-12 months there was still a significant improvement in their symptoms and regular medication had been reduced by 65-75%. The treatment definitely improved the children’s quality of life.

Please note that Halotherapy is recommended from the age of 6 months and up.

Separate Times for Children

Children’s and adults’ needs are very different during Halotherapy. While adults prefer a quiet environment with soothing music to relax or sleep, children generally have different ideas.  That’s why at Shȃbath Mineral Wellness, we have sessions that cater to children, allowing an opportunity to play with provided toys, so they do not even realize that they are receiving a treatment.

Children’s Session Times

Child friendly sessions offer playtime / reading time.  During these sessions, our salt cave is brighter than adult sessions and offers toys and a more spacious setting for the little ones 5 and under.  The session is for children and youth 12 and under. Children can bring their favorite book or magazine to read during these sessions. – Note:  E-readers and electronic devices are not permitted in the salt cave.


During children’s sessions, children are able to play with the provided toys.  We please ask that we use inside voices while in the salt cave as other sessions are occurring in our various therapy rooms.  Additionally, we ask that no one touches the barn wood, fireplace, salt walls, lamps, decor, or accents to prevent injury or damage.  Most importantly, PLEASE DO NOT THROW SALT.  This can injure someone or may damage our salt cave and the sensors that monitor the concentration.  No food or drink is permitted in the cave.  No electronic devices or other articles may be brought into the cave, except for books during children’s sessions where the lighting is raised.  Also, our facility is fragrance free due to the sensitivities of other clients.

To Schedule

Please call 717-552-2369 to schedule an appointment for your child.