Acoustic Resonance Therapy

Quantum physicists are now scientifically proving our physical form is comprised of waves of energy, operating at varying frequencies, that are governed by the universal law of resonance.  So, what we are resonating with on a physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual level (consciously or not) profoundly effects our overall health and wellness. So Sound® A.R.T. is a non-medical system that utilizes specific frequencies of sound and music to deliver audio and tactile stimulation to the mind and body simultaneously, thus providing a natural, mindfulness based stress reducing experience.  So Sound® A.R.T. immerses you in the full range harmonic resonance of specially recorded sound and music programs through a non-invasive whole body listening/sensory integration process, so that you feel the music you hear resonating through you as if you were lying in a cello. Through this “whole body listening” experience we are efficiently and effectively “re-minding” the brain, central nervous system, and all the cells of the body of their natural state of harmony.

Studies in this therapy have been effective in helping returning Veterans suffering from PTSD, as well as those with special needs such as Autism.