The individual therapy pages provide information designed to answer most questions.  This page also addresses some basic information as well as some frequently asked questions.  In the event a question is not answered on our website, please click here.


  • For the well-being and respect of those with sensitivities, we ask that you please do not use fragrance in our facility. Strong odors from perfumes as well as essential oils can also interfere with the therapy.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow time to fill out forms if required and to prepare for session.  
  • Halotherapy sessions cannot be interrupted once started due to the dry salt aerosol being dispensed.
  • Although locker is available, we discourage clients to bring valuables, as we are not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Electronic devices are not permitted in therapy rooms due to the potential for interference with our equipment.
  • Halotherapy salt cave sessions are designed to be quiet so you may rest and allow the salt to penetrate deep into your lungs, as well as for the consideration of others in the session who are trying to relax.
  • Please drink plenty of water before and after your therapy sessions.
  • For those receiving halotherapy treatments, please wear clean and comfortable clothing. (We recommend lighter colored clothing as salt particles filling the room tend to show up on darker clothing, but can be easily brushed off as it is a dry salt.)  Booties and a blanket will be provided for halotherapy salt cave sessions.  For infrared sauna therapy, clients will be given towels and wraps for sauna wear and towel for shower facility. For other infrared therapies, please wear clean and comfortable cotton clothing. Synthetic fibers tend to block infrared and allow the body to reabsorb toxins you sweat out, therefore being counterproductive.
  • Please use the restroom before any treatment begins.  Note – Salt cave halotherapy treatment cannot be interrupted due to the dry salt aerosol dispensation.
  • Please do not touch salt walls, salt lamps, barnwood, and other accents in salt cave.
  • Please do not throw salt.  This may hurt someone or damage sensors and equipment.
  • Children must be in the presence of an adult guardian at all times while in the salt room.
  • Please do not bring food into our facility. Water is permitted to keep for hydration, but is not permitted in our salt cave.
  • Please schedule an appointment and let us know if you plan on coming with others so we may ensure availability in our sessions.  Also, our halotherapy room can seat up to 10 clients per session.
  • For the consideration of others, persons with flu, fever, or contagious state of illness are asked to please reschedule therapies until that phase has passed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the setting like in the halotherapy salt cave? Our salt cave is designed to have the look and feel of an authentic salt cave / salt mine.  The walls are created out of authentic Himalayan salt boulders and the floor is covered in heated grains of Himalayan salt.  This provides both an aesthetic value, but more importantly provides an antibacterial surrounding that has a high negative ion content.  The salt cave also features authentic barn wood from a reclaimed barn and is accented with salt lamps and boulders along with French Quarter style wall lanterns.  Clients rest in chairs specially designed to allow the lungs to fully open up to absorb the dry salt aerosol.  Gentle music plays in the background.  During the session, the lighting is then lowered as the session begins to allow for relaxation. The salt cave is maintained at a temperature of 68 to 73 degrees. A blanket is provided for those that may get cold during the treatment session.  Food and electronic devices are prohibited from being in the salt cave. The room maintains its own heating and cooling system, and is created to withstand the dry salt aerosol atmosphere. The room is specially sealed to prevent the dry salt aerosol from exiting the salt cave. For this reason, the sessions are not interrupted once started.  Additionally, the cave has it’s own fresh air supply that is pumped in between sessions.  Dry salt concentration is monitored via sensors located in the salt cave.  All persons will place booties on their feet to go into the cave and may lock any personal belongings in our locker.
  2. Will one session result in a noticeable difference? While one session in any of our therapies may provide improvement or relief, generally a few sessions are required to notice improvements.  For this reason, we list recommended protocols that are proven for long term results based on clinical studies.  Alternative therapies do not provide an instant cure or aim to mask symptoms while potentially causing other issues.  They can simply provide an alternative and safer delivery method and long term effectiveness.
  3. Is the halotherapy salt cave sterile? Our microclimate is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and is in a room which provides it’s own heating and cooling systems along with fresh air supplies and returns filtered between sessions. The surfaces of the walls and floors are designed from Himalayan salt known for it’s anti-microbial properties. Salt lamps in the room provide air ionizing and air purifying properties as well.
  4. Why is it necessary to drink water before and after sessions? Depending on the therapy, Infrared heat is dehydrating on the tissues, while salt therapy is also dehydrating to the body.  The detoxification process in your body requires water to flush out toxins that have been trapped.  Water is how you can help your body speed up its detoxification and healing process.
  5. Does insurance cover these therapies? At the present time only Europe and Canada cover halotherapy fully or partially. Insurance does not cover these therapies in the United States, although some of them are currently being reviewed for this possibility in the future. Many flexible health spending accounts do cover this, so please check with your provider.
  6. What is the policy regarding multi-session passes? Multi-session discounts save money versus purchasing sessions individually. Our multi-session passes do not expire like monthly memberships do and therefore do not have to be utilized all at once. Please note that multi-session passes are Non-Refundable and may be charged for No-Shows.
  7. Is an appointment required?  Appointments are strongly recommended.  While we will try to accommodate a walk-in, please keep in mind that appointments have priority.
  8. What happens if I am unable to keep my appointment? We understand that, from time to time, things may arise that prevent you from keeping your appointment.  In that event, please contact us within 24 hours or as soon as possible, to allow us to reschedule your session. No shows and those canceling less than 24 hours notice may be subject to session fee.
  9. What are the session times for the halotherapy salt cave? Please see our Halotherapy Session Times page.