Magnesium deficiency…

By Shabath Mineral Wellness

Feeling run down, stiff, or just can’t sleep well? It’s not because you’re getting older, you could be magnesium deficient. This single mineral is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body.
Yet 68% of Americans are well below the recommended daily intake.
Without it, you can not transmit nerve impulses, or move calcium from your tissues to your bones. If magnesium is not there to move the calcium to these crucial places, the calcium can get stuck in bronchial tubes and cause asthma. Calcium can also get stuck in your arteries causing plaque.
Applying magnesium to the skin, “transdermally” has the highest rate of absorption and proper assimilation of magnesium for your body.
Salt caves provide dry salt aerosol that contain this mineral as well as 83 other essential minerals.
Soaking in a warm tub with certified salts can help.
Dead Sea salts and Himalayan Bath Salts both provide essential magnesium, and are available here. Or we also like to use topical magnesium lotion.

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