Having Surgery???

By Shabath Mineral Wellness

Are you or someone you love having surgery?

Did you know that general anesthesia can cause respiratory depression, pneumonia, hypothermia, pain, backache, and headache to name a few.

However, anesthesia is necessary to maintain a humane way to operate.

A hospital in Poland knows all this, which is why both their pre-op and post-op units are built right into the salt mine.

Halotherapy or HT can help clear the lungs of anesthetic gases as well as any fluid that may accumulate in the lung. Clearing the lung as soon as possible post-op can greatly reduce the risk of post-operative pneumonia.

Anesthesia also reduces the body’s core temperature ( hypothermia), and if not raised back to normal promptly can reduce your body’s natural immune system function. This leaves the patient more vulnerable to picking up colds, viruses, and bacterial infections.

Anesthesia can also cause pain, headache, and backache. Thermotherapy can help all of these side effects by raising core temperature back to normal as well as alleviate pain. Infrared is a great tool to help promote faster healing.

So if surgery is needed, remember that Shâbath can help you to Rejuvenate much faster!

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